This is actually a huge subject but let’s see if it can be condensed to fit my typical one page format. Most people believe that Noah was preaching to the masses before God called him to build the ark.  That is a possibility, but if he was, then he was an awful preacher, as he turned no one to God outside his own immediate household! God calls people to a mission for which they have been trained, so it is my firm belief that Noah, a rare righteous man, was already a renowned ship builder who understood the wonders of the engineering that was presented to him in the detailed plans for the ark. God certainly would not have trusted such a massive undertaking to any old bumbling preacher!


So how about while he built the ark? Was he out there trying to convince others to repent and have a seat on the ark themselves? No way! God already told Noah exactly who was getting on the ark, and the plans called for an ark that would only provide for eight people. If the masses of those violent people would have even been aware of the reason for the ark, they would have murdered Noah and his family in an effort to take the ark for themselves. Noah probably did ask God to spare others, but God did not alter the plans for the ark, as we know the outcome.


The fact is that the first place we see Noah referenced as a preacher of righteousness is in the words of the Apostle Peter, long after Noah’s time. It would be fitting to believe that Noah was certainly a preacher of righteousness after the Ark landed, as he would want to try to insure that his extended family would not succumb to the same evil nature as those who perished in the flood. 


Since I am writing to Brethren who are already familiar with scripture and how to use a concordance, I usually refrain from using direct scriptural references, but try hard to just use common sense to view the subject at hand.  I felt, however, that it would be fitting to aim at one specific reference, so please bear with me. That is Hebrews 11: 7. We see here that Noah was moved with fear to build an ark, not to run out and try to convert others outside his own household. It further states that Noah became heir of righteousness.  This strongly indicates that since Noah became heir of righteousness while preparing the ark, his mission would have become that of the primary teacher, or preacher of righteousness at some point after he entered the ark.

We the scattered brethren of today’s violent world are on a type of ark. Our ark is  the Holy Spirit through the  capable hand of God. Those who have already been baptized and received the Holy Spirit are the modern heirs of righteousness. Only this “The household of God” will be saved from the tribulation to come, just as only Noah’s household was saved from the flood.


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