Is God asleep?  Did Christ go AWOL, leaving His Church to fend for itself?  After all, the Church, as we knew it, has divided and split into thousands of pieces, something unheard of during the life of Herbert Armstrong.  We can easily count a dozen groups of hundreds or thousands of ex members, and hundreds of smaller localized groups just trying to find some way to hang on to some semblance of a congregational setting. Then there are the thousands of individually displaced brethren who have found no place to turn. How could God and Christ just stand by and let the Church languish in such a wretched condition? What on earth are they doing?


 We, the former brethren of the Original worldwide Church of God, were not abandoned by God and Christ. On the contrary, we may have been abused and abandoned by men, but Christ, never!


 It is very simple, as the only thing that makes sense is that God and Christ are working out a greater plan. To this author, a big part of it is that men cannot give us faith, as it is a gift of the Holy Spirit that must be renewed and built on by constantly exercising our connection to God. The gift of faith is like the small amount of water it takes to prime a pump. Then as long as water is drawn at regular intervals, the pump will maintain its prime. So too must the gift of faith be exercised by continually depending on God, not men, for all our cares.


 I firmly believe that the primary mission of publishing the gospel was finished with Mr. Armstrong’s death. There are many reasons that I believe this. For one, Herbert Armstrong’s successor was not the man most suited to fulfill the role of an Apostle to the world, but he was well suited to be the one to insure that the existing flock was well fed. Unfortunately, he failed, or did he? Was that just part of the master plan of a loving God?


 Many brethren are alone today. I believe the evidence is strong that every person will be challenged with separation from every man who they trust, in order to give each person a full opportunity to build trust and faith in the real leaders of the overall Church. The Church is, after all, just the many thousands of baptized members, and scattering appears to be a marvelous tool in the capable hand of God as He is actively working out a greater plan in each of our lives. Yes many brethren are alone today by choosing separation from untrustworthy men, but these brethren are really not alone at all! These brethren have chosen the fellowship of God instead. So what is God doing? He is actively working to perfect each of the brethren in ways we just never saw coming. The mission to the world will continue at a later time.

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