If this site has a familiar ring, it may be because it was originally posted in 2002. It subsequently ran for three years, but was shut down in 2005.


During its initial three year run, I had the privilege of corresponding with many of our former brethren, especially those who did not find solace in any organized spin off group of our parent organization, the original Worldwide Church of God.


The lead article has been thoroughly updated and condensed to be more easily read in one sitting, and can be accessed simply by hitting the appropriate button. Since this website is for those already thoroughly familiar with the Bible and its use, I will sometimes refrain from quoting scripture, preferring to simply offer a general reference for those who wish to study further.  Since most of the older Church publications are copyrighted, I will try not to quote directly from them, hoping that the reader has access locally to such information.


As this renewed website is being brought up to speed, please bear with me, and come back often since many more articles of great interest and timeliness are in various stages of editing and completion. Please check out the articles link for a new and fresh view of various subjects. My articles are not intended to be the last word on a subject, so will sometimes be a hard hitting one page affair. Most articles will finally bring joyous relief for many abused and battered brethren.


Please note, carefully, that this site is entirely self funded, and I will never ask for, nor will I accept any financial contributions of any kind. The information offered on these pages must go out totally free, and so it shall.  I do however encourage correspondence from my former brethren, and promise to answer any serious inquiry through the email link provided. I will not, however, argue doctrine with anyone. Any visitor is free to decide for themselves if the free information provided here is of use in their personal growth.



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