My name is Ralph Burgess. When my brothers and I were just little kids, we began to wonder about religion and church, so our Mom let us learn by sending us to as many different churches as we wished.

I was quickly disillusioned with the myriad of opinions of these various churches in our little tiny town of two thousand residents. In discussions with Mom, it became clear that none of us felt that God was as divided as all these churches that each claimed to represent Him. I came to agree with Mom’s idea that maybe the Jews were more correct since they were not as divided as others, and seemed to keep more to the ancient Bible teachings.


It was not until I was 17 that I finally found a theology that seemed to make sense. One day in the mid 60s while listening to the radio in my old Chevy, I heard a commanding voice, not at all like the syrupy Sunday preachers. It was Herbert W Armstrong, and his message resonated with me, since he challenged me as a listener to blow the dust off my own bible and prove or disprove what he was teaching. He wanted us to prove truth, not just let a preacher tell us what to think about God. I admired that.


I studied and embraced much of Mr. Armstrong’s theology until his death in 1986. During that time, a few questions I had were beginning to be addressed in some of Mr. Armstrong’s very important new books. One subject was tithing and taxes. He began to correct this whole issue in the book “Mystery of the Ages”, but mysteriously, the ministry took steps to stop publishing this important work, perhaps because it was challenging their desire for riches. These men wanted to continue to receive a full ten percent tithe, when Mr. Armstrong was teaching that tithe was intended to fund all functions of governing a society, with only a portion going to the ministry. He liberated some brethren in high tax countries, but died before extending relief to others. Since Mr. Armstrong provided clear and concise biblical examples, I chose to follow that path which put me at odds with the powers that thought otherwise. Some of his work is the foundation for articles I have written.


This and many other issues caused me to part ways with the men who took over Mr. Armstrong’s work, and this website is my attempt to share the results of my personal journey through religious confusion to solid provable truth. The entirety of this work is dedicated to the many who suffered at the hands of deceitful men, and are unable to find good answers in the many corporate groups who each claim Mr. Armstrong’s mantle. It is also a vision of my journey out of the confusing mainstream religions that I have studied since a young boy, and a testament against their divided theology. I attempt herein to provide a very honest view of many subjects of interest to everyone. It is quite different from most schools of thought on western religions, and hopefully refreshing to all those who were acquainted with Mr. Armstrong. He changed when confronted with truth. Do we?

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