All too often, those of us who have had a long history with the original Worldwide Church of God, still hold a tendency to ask a minister to help us solve our problems, while half heartedly praying for an answer. It may be a difficult trial, and we allow ourselves to trust that the ministry has experience with a closer connection to God to give us an answer.† This was the proper way to solve problems in the civil society of ancient Israel, to take hard problems to Moses, and let Moses take them to God.


But is that the right way to seek resolution to problems in todayís scattered Church? To offer a partial answer, first allow me to relate how a former minister helped Godís people solve their problems back in 1967.


This man was approached by a member of his local Idaho congregation about a problem she was experiencing in her family. Did this man set her down and give her a step by step solution? I tell you no!† He first asked her if she had been fervently praying to God for the answer. You see, she felt the minister was sent to solve the problem, and he sensed that.


This man, however, was a rare minister indeed who knew that through repentance and baptism, this woman should have received the Holy Spirit, which would have provided her a direct line to God. In this case the Minister understood that his job was to lead this person to God for answers, through prayer and learning to use the gift of the Spirit for herself.


A minister is only a helper of our Joy, so to speak. That is to help us find and develop the joy of being called out of the world and into the family of God, which is spirit, not flesh.† I firmly believe that one of the reasons the Church has been scattered, is so that God could separate His sheep from men, and provide a spiritual wilderness where we could finally learn to develop faith and trust in God himself for all our needs.


†It is important to recall that the Apostle John informs us that it is the Holy Spirit that will guide us into all truth, not men. To my mind that is explicit and very simple. If we have the gift of the Spirit, then we should use it in a very personal way to receive all truth from God, Biblically, and also in the day to day resolution to situations that arise in our lives. When we experience a trial, are we not seeking the right resolution, and not guesswork? That is good reason to seek an answer directly from God, as He alone can give us the truth, or true resolution through our exercising His Spirit within us.


For sure, God used a ministry of men to call each of us, and to baptize us. What we failed to fully appreciate is that it was at that point that we were each obligated to grow individually in the use of the Spirit to grow close to God, so as to allow Him to guide our daily lives and offer resolution through the miraculous work of His Spirit. Those who learned to do that, literally experience miracles quite often in their lives.

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