With this article, we will examine the nuts and bolts of our purpose for existing on this earth right now today, but will not examine our ultimate purpose for the distant future beyond our lifetime. We already have a pretty good handle on our ultimate destiny, but when has anyone taken a fresh look at our reason for being here right now as a human being?


So, here we will take that fresh look at our reason to breathe in this age of Man. Let’s first examine the record of how we came to be and where we fit into the scheme of things. To do this, we of course must start at the beginning, Genesis. I have had to ask myself this question, what came first, man or all the rest of creation? Let the record show that God made the animals, birds, fish, bugs and all the rest of creation, Genesis 1:20-25, then He made man, but why? At first blush, it would appear that man was to lord it over the entire earth and its creatures (verses 28-29), but then we see in Genesis 2:15, that God placed man on the earth to “Dress and Keep it”. This does not say that the earth was here to simply dress and keep man, no, no, no! Man’s job was to dress and keep the earth and its creation, not destroy and pillage it! But what have we done? Today we have pillaged the earth’s resources such that our children and grandchildren will be the first generations to have less available resources than any previous generation. This is a travesty, in that we have been so very selfish as to not preserve earth’s resources for use also by future generations.


So what happened after man was given the job of caretaker in the garden? He was not content with the gifts he was provide, and wanted more. Because of this, he was kicked out of the garden, losing his job as caretaker! What has changed since then? Man has continued the path he chose, always wanting more, and the earth has been left to fend for itself, thus we now stand on the brink of the earth’s ultimate retribution for man’s desire for pillaging its resources. The earth has vomited man out before, and is set to do so again, because man has continued to operate in his self serving way of desire for everything he is not entitled to.


So our purpose initially was to insure the beauty and bounty of the garden for all generations to come. We are now reaping the rewards of our stupidity. Our lasting legacy is to have built enough weapons of war to kill all life on earth many times over. What a wonderful accomplishment! Instead of using the resources to give our neighbors a hand up, we have only been successful at investing in his annihilation!


So why are we here on the earth to have experienced this marvel of foolishness? Since God kicked us out of the garden, our mission became that of proving that man’s way is only selfish when left to his own imagination. We are proving that man is incapable of ruling himself and his neighbors for everyone’s ultimate benefit. Through the six thousand years since Adam, we continue to prove we need someone capable of governing the entire earth and all societies together at the same time, or else we will destroy all life on earth. Our mission is to prove that man is not his own savior. We now need God to intervene to save us from ourselves. His earth is set to begin the process that will put us back in the Garden of Eden in the world tomorrow. It will turn out alright in the end.

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We do not inherit the Land

from our Fathers, we

borrow it from our children.

Ancient Indian Proverb