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For those who have been called in this modern age, most of us consider our foundation as having been the work of the late Herbert Armstrong, which is, of course, true in many aspects. That work is a reason most of us are here today, still keeping the Sabbath and the Holy Days. However, if we dig deep down to the roots of the calling throughout the ages, what are the real foundational stones on which we reside?


This will be the 43rd year of my tour as a member of this calling, and 52 years since I first heard of the Church.  In this time, I have had to unlearn, learn and relearn the basic truths of the word of God. Recently it seemed useful to assemble many of the most important scriptures of the whole Bible, and this article grew out of that list.


If we pull back the veil of confusion of “seeing through a glass darkly” as Paul put it, then we can follow a remarkable path that lifts that veil for us to see clearly the truth of exactly when our individual calling really began. Could it have begun before Genesis one, yes perhaps even long before the universe was formed? Let’s give a listen to our Bibles beginning in 2nd Timothy 1:9 in the Greek- English New Testament:

“He gave us this grace by means of Jesus Christ before the beginning of time.”


So, before time came into existence, God already knew that grace would be required through Christ for the humans that would eventually be made in His image through Adam. As we let the weight of this incredible knowledge sink in, we begin to realize that the role Adam and Eve played in the requirement for a savior is not quite what we thought.


Titus adds to this in Titus 1:2

“God, who does not lie, promised us this life before the beginning of time.”

Time itself is an attribute necessary for humans, but not for God, and the evidence shows that time as we know it began long before Adam with creation of a habitable life sustaining environment through the relationship of the sun and the moon to the earth, yet we are assured that God’s plan for us superseded even those events.


Paul makes it all crystal clear with this in Ephesians 1:4

“Even before the world was made, God had already chosen us to be His through our union with Christ-----“.

And there it is right before our eyes, the little understood fact that God planned for our personal calling by and through His Son even before the earth was made.  According to Science, the earth was made billions of years ago in our timescale, so our calling and the need for the Savior was set in motion sometime before the earth came into existence, and that was before Adam.


This incredibly deep knowledge lends a brand new way of thinking to help unlock long held mysteries in our Bibles.


We see now that none of God’s plan could have been subject in any way to the whims of Adam or Eve, since the Godhead purposed that saving grace would be necessary long before Adam, as scripture says, before time itself began.

This allows us to visualize just how much planning God put into our calling.  It is a shock to realize that the incredible sacrifice of God and Christ was not the result of the single action of Adam, but predated Adam by millennia.


This lends greater clarity about Adam’s role, and reveals that Adam’s choices did not necessitate a plan “B.”


In fact we can be assured that Adam never had God’s Holy Spirit, which was the tree of life. No, he did not take from that tree, and therefore was making purely human, carnal decisions. Adam sinned because he was simply tricked by the Devil into choosing instead the way that led to death. God has known all along that no man can make spiritual decisions without the spirit of God, and this we understand from 1st Cor. 2:14 where Paul assures us that the carnal mind is incapable of spiritual decisions. It would seem that God knew far in advance that Adam would be fooled by Satan’s lie, to believe that the forbidden tree gave access to the Holy Spirit. No one can fight against the Devil without the Spirit of God, and this is a lesson we of today’s scattered Church are still learning.


Today is October 12, 2016 and is the Day of Atonement, which means that today is the perfect day to write about the role Satan played in deceiving Adam. Satan is the author of the first sin, not Adam. It is a good day to realize that Adam was under Satan’s influence, but God was hands off. Otherwise there is no question that Adam could have made a different choice.


So your calling was set in motion long before Adam and Eve. That is incredibly good news that is difficult to digest and appreciate. It is comforting to know that we were not an afterthought, nor a plan “C”. No we were truly predestined millennia ago to conform to the image of Jesus Christ along with all those called through the ages.


This knowledge magnifies Ephesians 2:20 as to our foundation in Christ.

Incredibly, God may well have designed and created each of us as a spirit embryo millions of years ago equipping each with unique qualities that will in time show themselves as part of the solution to solving all shortcomings of humanity.  Again Titus, Timothy and Paul all assure us that this happened long before Adam. But first we had to become full human beings by coupling our basic human spirit with a temporary human body. You and I are no accident of time, but were put here as part of a grand master plan, a plan that is acted out in type as the annual Holy Day seasons unfold and we each participate in them.


After Christ gave His life on the stake, then three days later He rose from the grave and ascended to the Throne of God. Just 50 days later access to the Holy Spirit was granted to all who would be yet called. The evidence is clear that men with the Holy Spirit are not complete since we are still subject to sin and corruption.


The lesson is that Adam could not make right choices using only his human intellect. The modern Church proves that we are not able to be perfect even with the Holy Spirit as our daily guide, and therefore the only solution is to be completely transformed into incorruptible Spirit born sons and daughters of the Father. This will be the ultimate fulfillment of the Holy Days, when God will complete the most incredible plan ever imagined for humanity, and in fact for all creation.


This final element is clearly acted out on the seventh and final Holy Day of the year, the one we call the Great Day, or the Eighth Day. This day is the final step in the plan, and is a day when the flesh that we were born with will be cut off.  What is left will be transformed completely into Spirit, the next step in the master plan. We will begin to live in true glory, to finally begin to fulfill the purpose in Jesus Christ set out for us before time itself began.

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