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It has been widely accepted that the single most dangerous threat to all life on earth is that of nuclear war, either as a choice or as the result of an accident. However, I will show that hiding under the radar is something much more sinister. So what could be more dangerous than fifteen thousand nuclear weapons? It is the footprint left by 8 billion people who are using the earth’s finite resources at an overall average of three times the rate at which Mother earth can naturally replenish those resources. Please think about that statement, because it is of primary concern to top tier scientists around the world, even if most politicians choose to look the other way.


Now, this would strongly indicate that the earth is overpopulated by humans by at least several billion souls. This idea is something most cultures simply will not accept as a possibility. So what is the truth? All we need to do to begin to see the answer is to consider Jesus Christ’s words about those who build on sand in Matt. 7:26-27. Today there are millions of people living on sand (other than deserts) just because they were born to that environment, but billions have also chosen to live near the sea by choice. All these have been at risk of utter destruction from many of history’s mega storms and tsunamis. Thousands of cities around the world, including half in the U.S.A., are built on the sand of the sea, and are all at terrible risk, exactly what Jesus warned against. If societies only built upon safe solid, higher ground, none of those high risk areas would be inhabited by humans, but rather by the creatures, trees and fauna that naturally kept the system in balance. Hence the population would be far less and thus much more in tune with resources and free from dangers emanating from the sea.


There are only two ways out. One is for mankind to recognize and accept the danger as real, and to radically change his behavior. The other is to do nothing and just wait to see what happens.

Earlier, I mentioned the word ‘replenish’. Many will think of the instruction given to Noah after he left the ark. This is because most people erroneously believe that Noah was given the directive to inundate the earth with people, and to disregard the rest of the creation, since man was supposedly to dominate all else.  Let’s get it crystal clear what the God ordained instruction to Noah actually was. We can start by recognizing the reality of who was invited onto the ark.  It was only eight humans, but thousands of animals and birds. God literally saved Noah and his family to be caretakers. Now let’s read with our own eyes and in proper order exactly what God’s instructions were to Noah, when he finally descended from the ark:


In Genesis 8:16, God says “Go forth of the ark, you and your wife, and your sons, and your son’s wives with you. Bring forth with you every living thing that is with you, of all flesh, both of fowl, and of cattle, and of every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth; that they may ‘breed abundantly’ in the earth----“ God’s first priority was the creatures, and then later in chapter nine is found instruction for humanity, but ‘breeding abundantly’ is absent.


 So the clear intent was for the creatures to multiply faster than men, and the reason is obvious, so that man would not deplete the animals, birds and creatures that maintain the balance of the eco system that sustains all life.


If we turn back to Genesis 2:15, we read that God placed Adam in the garden to dress and keep, not to undress and destroy. This sounds a lot like the mission subsequently given to Noah, to dress and keep all the creatures on the ark, a type of floating Eden. I believe that Noah may have found favor with God in that he was very likely the John Muir of his day. This type of compassion for God’s creatures would have set Noah apart from the world of violence all around him.


We are living witnesses that at this very moment in history, the creation is being continuously dispossessed to make room for more humans. 27,000 of our fellow creatures go extinct every year. Please let me share with you another stark reality. According to the WWF, humans have already harvested half of the original forests of the planet, and the rest is being depleted steadily at a rate ten times faster than they can be regenerated. Reality informs us that along with those forests, we lose the creatures that inhabited them. All this diversity has been lost to make room for more agriculture, more “things” and more living space for humans.  And then, what about the ocean’s fish stock? Just since 1970, the world’s fish population has been reduced fifty percent! So does this sound like we are fulfilling God’s instruction to ‘dress and keep’?


 So what happens when humans dispossess their own food chain? The answer to that question will lead to the conclusion that man is the dumbest of all creatures, not the smartest. The truth is that humans have become the most deadly virus on the planet. We are surely accelerating our own demise as well as the demise of the descendants of all the creatures who got off the ark, the ones Noah protected with his very life.


Mankind must immediately stop breeding over abundantly and decline in numbers, or else all living things are doomed to the sixth and final extinction of earth’s history, an event well under way as I write. The dirty little secret is that Americans use twelve times the resources of individuals in developing countries, so the USA should be the first to begin population reduction. American style capitalism is the defining contributor to this imbalance, and this point is exhaustively demonstrated in Naomi Klein’s new book, “This Changes Everything”.


I will offer just a single example of this imbalance. In one breath, some say that cattle are too big a burden on water and feed and land resources, and in the next they promote lawns in every yard. Lawns are the single largest crop in the USA, use about 200 gallons of fresh water per day per person, and account for over 50% of herbicide and fertilizer use, yet nobody eats grass. If only this grass was organic and was fed to cattle.


So, let’s understand a bit more as to why capitalism is fatal to the environment, as well as to every aspect of public welfare. It is accurately expressed in corporate law, yes the very law enacted by congress, the law makers. In simple terms, this law mandates that a corporation is to make money for its shareholders. Timothy warned against this very idea, by expressing the premise that the love of money is the root of all evil.

So what should corporate law look like? How about a mandate to provide a necessary public good, to create living wage jobs, to act responsibly toward the environment and the creatures that inhabit it, with any profit returned to the public treasury for the posterity of present and future generations as well as for preservation and enhancement of habitat for all the creation .


Prophecies strongly suggest that mankind will not change course voluntarily, and will be forced to decline to a manageable number by our benevolent Creator. It is also a stark reality that the poor of the world are recognizing the problem, but the rich countries want nothing more than to do business as usual, a recipe for accelerated disaster.


After the flood, God promised to never again annihilate humans with a vast flood. However, at the same time He also promised that He would not allow the seas to pass a specific average daily elevation, and this is important to understand because God has bonded himself to mitigate sea level rise at all costs. The world’s oceans have risen a foot in the last century, and the rate accelerates as the glaciers and land based ice sheets continue to relentlessly melt. It has been confirmed many times over the past 14 years that fully 97 percent of the world’s top climate scientists agree that this excess melting is a result of the human footprint on planet earth.  We are on track to hit another two feet of ocean rise by mid century. Nobody knows the exact level at which God will intervene since it is His secret, but it may be nearing.


How far will God allow oceans to rise?  We are all familiar with Matthew the 24th chapter, but an addendum to it is found in Luke 21, along with a detail that is not found in Matthew. In Luke 21:25, we read “On earth whole countries will be in despair, afraid of the roar of the seas and the raging tide.” Good News Bible. So the oceans will rise further, to the point that whole countries will be in great peril of annihilation. An example is Pakistan, where a five foot rise would mean the loss of 5,000 square miles of inhabited land.


Is mankind listening to all the variety of voices that God is sending to warn the human race of the consequences of having already bred ourselves way beyond the earth’s ability to sustain us? It appears to this author that the oceans may well continue to rise and hit the high water mark at which God will be obligated to act in order to keep His word. There is no evidence whatever that men are listening, at least not those who are in a position to force change upon the populace. By their inaction, they are truly dooming all life to the final extinction.  This will force God’s hand, and according to prophecy will finally bring earth into balance with the number of humans, since two thirds of the population will die in tribulation. The good news is that God has no intention of allowing man’s stupidity to actually bring down the curtain on all life. A remnant will survive to start anew, and under God’s steady hand in the millennium, we will finally get it; and we will finally get it right. We will get back to the mission given to Adam, to use our footprint sparingly and wisely to dress and keep the garden and all its creatures.

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