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Actually the title for this could easily have been “Before the cradle and after the grave”, and the reader will see why as we proceed.


In the military world, many pieces of hardware and machinery are tracked all the way from when they are produced right up until they are scrapped, or decommissioned and sold. So what about a person? Does the creator track our life all the way from the cradle to the grave, or perhaps only at these two bookends of life? In the world for example, a person is born and baptized as a tiny baby, lives a life devoid of God until they are on their death bed, and then they are given their last rights. This speaks volumes that most people in the world at large believe that God only has time for them when they are born or are about to die. What are the real hard facts about this important subject? Does God have time for you personally every single day, or only at your bookends, or in an emergency? Does He track and also provide for your health and daily life all the way from birth to death?


Let’s jump now to the role the Creator is normally expected to play in a true Christian’s life. Today, a believer has the option to turn to the medical profession to track their health and provide intervention of various kinds to mitigate health difficulties, so what is the role of God in this person’s life? Most often an ill person who seeks anointing will be asked if they have a diagnosis from a doctor, or some are just simply told by well meaning brethren that in today’s world God has given them doctors as healers, implying that perhaps God is too busy, so why bother Him. Many also believe that it takes a community of believers praying for an individual in order to garner God’s attention, in the event that a doctor is unsuccessful in treating an ill brother or sister.


So the question is; does God really have time for his people each and every day? Is He our primary healer, or is a doctor? Has He revealed that He is truly intimately involved in our life every single moment from birth to death, not just at these two ends? Let’s take a journey through God’s infallible word and discover a powerful tool in knowledge that can set us free from every fear, that is, if we chose to believe that these scriptures apply in our modern world.


We can begin with one of the most famous and most quoted Passages of the entire Bible; that is Psalm 23.  One single verse stands out in our quest for understanding, and it is verse 4:


 “Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me”


We can take note that this verse stresses that God is with us. Do we believe that God actually is with us always, or perhaps as most people believe, only when we feel that we are in immediate mortal danger? After all, it is in times of great stress that this scripture is most often recited, and almost never in times of great joy.

We can add to our understanding by reading what David also tells us in Psalm 91, and specifically in verse1;


 “He that dwells in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the almighty.” This is similar to the pillar of cloud hovering over ancient Israel.


The place of the most high is secret since most never find it, but those who do literally ‘dwell’ or live every day under God’s shadow quite simply do not fear the shadow of death in any form, because the Shadow of life is watching their back.


Psalm 91 goes on with specifics of incredible hope and assurance of God’s shadow  as it is cast upon us, and yes even now as you read these words it is upon you.


Now let’s go further and turn to Isaiah 46 and read verses 3 through 4 in the Good News Bible:


 “Listen to me, descendants of Jacob, all who are left of my people. I have cared for you from the time you were born. I am your God and will take care of you until you are old and your hair is gray.” This gift from God is not earned, but free.

So here we see language that spells out clearly that God literally does continuously care for us all the way from the cradle to the grave.  We have further assurance in the Apostle Paul’s words in Acts 17:28:


“In Him we live move and exist” -----This further confirms that God is with us each and every day, not just at certain danger zones or at our “bookends”. This also sends us a very powerful signal that as long as God wants us on this earth, nothing can keep that from happening. This knowledge ought to relieve us of all fear of any threat to our lives by anyone or anything, until such time that God himself decides our journey is complete. This is Psalm 91 in action.


Now let’s add some plain common sense. Most people in America have a constant inordinate fear of death, partly because they believe that no one alive has experienced it and come back to tell the whole story. I completely disagree, and here is why.


Okay, so you are alive if you are reading this, but was there a time when you were not yet alive? Certainly before you were born and began to breathe, you were not alive, and therefore you were dead. You have no memory of your past before birth, and this lack of memory is the exact description given to us by Solomon in Ecclesiastes 9:5 regarding death at the end of our human journey. So literally, every single human has already been dead, but do not know or fear that fact.


This brings us full circle to the first sentence of this article. At some point prior to our birth, God created our human spirit, then at birth set it into our physical body and gave the breath of life. This is the part ‘before the cradle’. We who have been called are also aware that we shall be resurrected, which may be a long time after we enter the grave.


Are you personally humbled by the implication that our Great God is never too busy to pay attention to our life with all its cares and fears? Can we now become fully confident that He is telling us on a personal level, in His faithful word that He is constantly on watch to guard all of us from any and every danger, either evident or hidden, and will be with us all the way to the grave and beyond?  I completely believe that this applies to every single one of our faithful brethren. This knowledge has the power to set us totally free of anxiety about health or any other issue.  However, in the end we all will die, and no team of a thousand of the finest surgeons or legions of nurses will save any person at that time.  Then God will be the only help. So I hope each of us will take these things to heart and to trust God more completely, confident that God insists that he is with each and every one of His people from before the cradle, and right on beyond the grave. There simply is no other logical path. Precisely how God protects us from the cradle to the grave is the subject of another article.

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