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Scientists have discovered seven, yes seven earthlike planets in the habitable zone of our nearest star. So this is fantastic good news, that mankind has a place to go to save himself now that he has set this world on a course of utter destruction! The sixth extinction is well under way, but scientists are racing to find ways to save man from this certain death by trying to find an alternative place to live, but only for a select few. They really only care that life may be found on another planet since that would mean that such a planet is able to sustain life and could be taken over by the same men who wrecked this world. No ordinary human would ever be invited to such a planet, as it would only be reserved for the elite. Everyone else, which is virtually all of mankind and all the creation itself, would be left to utter destruction.


So if men have their way, certain super rich elites will leave this destroyed planet behind and travel to one of seven far, far away and start the whole process all over again. They could start fresh extracting a planetís finite resources, polluting it, and then moving onto another of the seven. There are a thousand problems with the entire idea, starting with just one tiny, tiny problem, and that is the reality of distance. Letís familiarize ourselves with this matter. These seven planets are only 39 light years away, so that cannot be a problem, right? Well, letís see, travelling at the speed of light, that select few humans could make it there in just thirty nine years, which is well within a normal lifetime. But wait, nobody can travel at that speed, so how fast can we travel? The truth is startling, as it would take the fastest modern space ship going 36,000 miles an hour only about 750,000 years!


In a phrase my Dad sometimes used, these select elites will get there when hell freezes over. So what hope does anyone have of surviving the utter destruction of our home? Since the only other discovery of a possible ďearthlikeĒ planet is 1400 light years away, which is much, much further, man has no hope whatever of saving himself, and is doomed to extinction. Hope deferred makes the heart sick, so anyone who thought they might escape the earth and travel to one of these others will be sorely disappointed.

Space scientists speculate about mythical propulsion systems that can vastly speed up a journey, but even if that were possible, what difference would it make to the seven billion citizens of the planet who would not be invited on such a fictitious journey? And what about the fish, animals and birds?


First, God assures us in Matthew 24:22: Living Bible, ďIn fact, unless those days are shortened, all mankind will perish! God knew long ago that we could destroy ourselves along with the marvelous creation that has sustained us for eons. But this is the reason we are to pray for Godís Kingdom to arrive, as the ĎGod planí is the only workable one that can actually save us from ourselves, and not some crazy idea to travel to so- called near earth planets in a fictitious Jules Verne spacecraft!


And that is where we who are called find hope when there is seemingly none to be found. We see this in the promise of the second half of verse 22, ďBut those days will be shortened for the sake of Godís chosen people.Ē This also elevates to a much higher dimension a succinct statement by the Apostle Paul. In 1st Corinthians 15:19† KJV, where we are confronted with this powerful statement:

ďIf in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are above all men most miserable.Ē

It would indeed be a miserable thought that manís only hope of survival as a species would be in a non -existent space ship that could travel at the speed of thought!


When God intervenes to save His Creation, 2/3 of humanity is prophesied to die in order to stop the otherwise premature death of mother earth and all her wonders. This is because the earth will be so overpopulated that it would take three earths to sustain the population going forward. Those who survive will start fresh on the part of this earth that is still habitable, but for a very brief geologic timeframe in order to establish a government that actually cares about every person. This government will ready the earth for the resurrections that will give opportunity for happiness to all, not just a very few elite.† Then this incredible earth, finally exhausted from mankindís abuses, will die a fiery death in order to obliterate all traces of manís immoral footprint upon Godís otherwise perfect creation. So is all hope for any humans beyond that point lost?†


No, God has in reserve right now a second earth being prepared for that time, an Earth II. The Apostle John tells us a bit of what he saw in vision two thousand years ago in Revelation 21. He described a brand new earth that could not have had life yet, since John saw no oceans. Therefore what John saw was a blank slate from which to start fresh.† I would imagine that this new earth may by now have oceans, seas, rivers and atmosphere to sustain life, in preparation for the next phase of the ĎGod planí, the fulfillment of the Eighth Day, or Great Day. If humans are placed on the new earth, they will know how to care for it in a way that is durably sustainable, and therefore it can last forever. We are assured of that certainty by the Apostle Paul in Hebrews 8:11.† Godís plan is so incredible, because He assures every person a full opportunity to escape the extinction of this earth through a resurrection. No resurrected person will ever need to search for a new home again, since the enigma of Earth II is a promised reality with God. So we are assured that God does have at least one other planet already in existence that will be able to sustain all the diversity of life, probably exactly like the myriad of forms He placed on this one. This is really, really good news.